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Meesha Halm, Cookbook Whisperer for over 35 books

Proposal writing, pitching, developmental editing, copywriting, ghostwriting, and recipe testing. Clients include HarperCollins, Ten Speed Press, Abrams, Chronicle Books, Zagat Survey, and Weldon-Owen. Click here to see my book projects

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Uber Eats, Google, Nomiku, Zagat, The Food Network, Michelin Green Guide, Tasting Table, Tastemade.

The Rise of Modern Indian Cuisine in San Francisco

August 1 Five, the new modern Indian restaurant in San Francisco, could be a metaphor.
Tasting Table Link to Story

Bar Crenn Is Dominique Crenn's Personalized Tribute to France

Interview with chef-owner Dominique Crenn about 1930s-inspired Parisian salons.
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The Best Restaurants in SF for Spring 2018

Pop-ups set down fine dining roots in the Bay Area, while Michelin-pedigree chefs unveil casual spots.
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Sous Vide at Home: The Modern Technique for Perfectly Cooked Meals

Creative conception from proposal to publication of best-selling cookbook for Nomiku.
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This is The Color Factory

Check out The Color Factory, an interactive pigmented playground. Garnered 1.3M views in 24 hours.
Tastemade Travel Link to Story

Have You Heard of the Chambong?

It’s part champagne/part bong. I scripted and produced this video which got 1.3M views in 24 hours.
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Want to Blow Everyone Away on New Year's? Here's How to Saber a Champagne Bottle Like a Pro

Dazzle with your mad sword skills. Sabering is the art of beheading a Champagne bottle with a sword. Link to Story

The Foreign Cinema Cookbook: Recipes and Stories Under the Stars

Featuring 125 signature dishes and rich storytelling from SF's hippest restaurant.

Grown Up Fun at The Exploratorium

Unleash your inner child at San Francisco's Exploratorium! I scripted and produced this video.
Tastemade Travel Link to Story

Black Magic: The Hype and Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal

From cleansing pores and curing insomnia, charcoal remedies are being hailed as a panacea.
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I am a tech-savvy writer, editor, cookbook producer, content strategist, digital storyteller, and project manager with 15+ experience in all aspects of traditional and digital media, with deep connections in the food, travel, and media industries.

I work with publications, blogs, apps, and brands to tell stories that help readers and consumers make inspired decisions about where to eat and spend their free time.

My writing has been featured in:
- Food Network
- Bravo
- Zagat Survey
- Tasting Table
- Tastemade
- Mashable
- Michelin
- Gluten-Free Forever
- Food Arts

Copywriting clients include:
- Nomiku
- Google Geo-Location Services
- Zagat Survey
- The Food Network
- Michelin Green Guide
- Tastemade
- Nourish
- Chase Dining Rewards Card

As a self-proclaimed cookbook whisperer, I work with busy professional chefs, entrepreneurs, and publishing houses for the entirety of the cookbook publication process inclusive of proposal writing, pitching, developmental editing, copywriting, production (including photography and book layout in InDesign) and recipe testing, book launch, and ongoing marketing efforts.

Book clients include:
- HarperCollins
- Ten Speed Press
- Abrams
- Chronicle Books
- Zagat Survey
- Weldon-Owen.
- Sasquatch Books

I am also an effective social media consultant with a track record of increasing traffic and building engaged online communities and have a keen ability to develop custom products, identify strategies, forge marketing partnerships, and implement educational programming.

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